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Steve Lechner demonstrates a science lesson
Out-of-school time can provide an excellent opportunity for children to explore and experiment with science in a more informal and self-paced direction.  In addition to the classes listed below, Steve and The Science Works currently operate a weekly “Inventor’s Workshop Lab/Maker Space” at three different locations, where elementary students have the opportunity to build, invent, create, experimenTake apartt, take-apart, and just plain “mess-about” with S.T.E.M. themes and activities
The programs below can be run as 8-10 week after-school classes, or week-long mini-camps for preschool and elementary aged children. Please call for more details. 


(Parts I and II)

This class will give students the chance to uncover a variety of science topics as they “learn by doing”.  Session I will feature an array of hands-on science themes, including Science Magic, Kitchen Chemistry, Rainbows and Color, Paper Magic, Optical Illusions, and Flying Things.  Session two will focus on Magnets, Balls and Ramps, Water, Air, Mirrors, and Kaleidoscopes. Children will explore the wonders of science through thought-provoking activities and interactive projects designed to show that science can be fun and educational!


Join us for a series of mathematical meetings that go beyond arithmetic and fractions.  Discover the wonder and excitement of Mathematrix through Patterns, Pendulums, Puzzles, Probability, Predictions, Prestidigitation and more!  Participants will learn to amaze their friends and families while opening up a whole new world of numbers, theories, and mathematical concepts, in every shape and size!

SUMMER SCIENCE20140829_111648

School may stop in the summer time, but science never does!  Many of the places you go and activities you do in the summer are science related, in unique and exciting ways.  This series will focus on the science of summer through the topics of Sand, Seashells, Bubbles, Oceans,  and Water.  Participants will explore the natural world through hands-on experiences and projects designed to bring the seashore right to their own backdoor.



This class will give budding inventors a chance to mess about with materials, concepts and ideas as they create their own inventions and contraptions using magnets, batteries, old machines, recyclable materials, and whatever else they can think of.  (Materials will be provided, but class participants are encouraged to bring materials and recycled goods in to share with other class members whenever possible).


Join Educational Consultant Stephen Lechner for an enrichment series investigating the magic of Science!  Participants will explore  and experiment with the many exciting and wonderful aspects of science as they try out, learn and develop their own Science-Magic Experiments.  Theme areas will include Magnets, Water, Simple Physics, Kitchen Chemistry, Optical Illusions, Bubbles, and more!  At the end of the class, participants will have the opportunity to put on a Science Magic Show for their family and friends!


Performing magic tricks provides children with a sense of accomplishment and self-assurance they can carry with  them for their whole lives.  This class will introduce children to the wonders of magic through simple yet effective magic tricks such as The Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookie Bag, The Magic Block, The Disappearing Crayons, and more!  Participants will have the opportunity to make, practice and perform the tricks themselves each session, and for the final class, children will put on a Magic Performance for their family and friends!

For more information, please contact Steve Lechner at The SCIENCE WORKS!

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