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Professional Development

With the advent of national and local standards and frameworks, Science Education has taken on a new relevance and importance at all levels. Paramount to a successful science program is providing support and services for educators. Stephen Lechner has experience in working with teachers at both preschool and elementary levels. Through in service programs, ongoing support, or a long-term collaborative effort, Steve can help teachers to reach a new comfort level and appreciation for science and the world around them.

A comprehensive science curriculum is one that turns children "on" to science, and is exciting and fun for teachers to teach. It encompasses:

  • Nature (the world around us), Science (our understanding and explanations for that natural world), and
  • Technology (the discoveries, tools and inventions we create to help us adapt to our natural environment)
These are the basic underlying themes that make up science education. Stephen Lechner can help you and your school create and implement a plan to help students develop positive attitudes and a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature, the inventions of technology, and the fun and excitement that encompasses science and its world of discovery.

Science Learning Centers

The perfect place to focus this teaching and learning process is a Science Learning Center. This town or school based space is designed to actively promote science education for students and educators. It is a place for teachers to go for support and guidance in their science curriculum planning, and a system for providing for unique and innovative science experiences for students.
Just as every school and district may have differing needs, Science Learning Centers may take on different shapes or forms. But everyone should have the same goal in mind: the pursuit of the finest student science education and teacher support available. For more information and support in designing, developing, or re-creating a Science Learning Center to meet your town, school, or even classroom's specific needs, please contact Steve Lechner by phone, email or letter.

Educator Inservice Programs

  • Explorations in Science
  • Excursions in Nature
  • Summer Science
  • Recyclable Wonders
  • Designing Creative Play-Space
  • Developing Science Centers
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Light and Color
  • Water Wizardry
  • Science Magic
    and Kitchen Chemistry
    (Custom designed programs
    are also available.)


For more information, please contact Steve Lechner at The SCIENCE WORKS!


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