Summer Science and Magic Camps 2016

Presented in conjunction with the Temple Recreation Department
Classes Held at Temple Elementary School, Temple NH

Steve LechnerPlease join local educator/entertainer Stephen Lechner, M.Ed. for one of his exciting and thought-provoking Mini-Science-Camps designed to tickle the Imagination and Funny-bone! Using experiments, projects, collections, literature, a little bit of imagination and a lot of humor, these programs are designed to instill a sense of wonder and excitement about the scientific and natural world.


Ages 4-6 in the morning, and ages 7-12 in the afternoon

(Afternoon participants can stay straight through for both camps)

FEE: $90./camp. (Two camps per family: $80./camp. Three+ camps per family: $70./camp.)

PRESENTED BY: Stephen Lechner, Temple resident and owner/operator of The Science Works. Steve is a regular presenter at Temple Elementary School and many other schools, libraries, and organizations throughout New England. You can learn more about him through his website (

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please email ( or call Steve’s cell-phone (978-456-6887)

Ages 4-6: SUPER SIMPLE MACHINES (9:15-11:15am)

SeashellsThe simple machines were made for young children, and there is a lot of learning value in experimenting with them at a young age. This class will focus on the ways that simple machines can and do help us in our lives, as we explore balls and ramps and build ball tracks that incorporate a whole range of spinning (wheel and axle), turning (gears and pulleys), lifting (levers) and rotating (screw) inventions and contraptions.

Ages 7-12: SIMPLE-MACHINE-MANIA! (12:15-2:15pm)

GearsSimple Machines are the backbone of most technological inventions and discoveries. These six (or sometimes seven!) mechanical wonders may seem pretty simple, but put them together and guess what? Suddenly you have a COMPLEX Machine! Using ball-tracks as a starting point, this class will examine the simple machines (wedge, lever, pulley, screw, wheel and axle, and inclined plane) in detail, and make a variety of moving, spinning, twisting, and rolling contraptions for participants to enjoy and learn from at the same time.

Ages 7-12: INVENTION CONVENTION (2:30-4:30 pm)

LightbulbThis class will give budding inventors a chance to mess about with the inventing process using materials, concepts and ideas as they create their own inventions and contraptions. We will use magnets, batteries, old machines, recyclable materials, and whatever else students can think of. (Materials will be provided, but class participants are encouraged to bring materials and recycled goods in to share with other class members whenever possible).